Recipients of 2018 Scholarships



 BrooksStephanie BrooksBeta Chi, Piedmont CC,$1,500, Katharine B. Woodward Scholarship, Autism Certificate, Lynchburg College


 Amy Brown Amy BrownAlpha, Peninsula CC, $1,500, Emily Nelson Scholarship, Ed.S. & Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Liberty University


Chelyse Miller Chelyse MillerGamma Zeta, Tidewater CC, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Educational Leadership Endorsement, Regent University


Kendall HuceKendal Meyers HolceOmega, Tidewater CC, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Ed.S. in Leadership, Old Dominion University



Recipients of the 2018 IOTA State Stipends to Benefit Educators and Students



Ardene BunchDr. Ardene BunchAlpha Rho, Tidewater CC, $200, Attend and present at National Association of Gifted Children conference


Keitha HaveyKeitha HaveyGamma Zeta, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $200, Let's Get Reading: One Book, One School


Sheila HommemaSheila HommemaAlpha Kappa, New River Coordinating Council, $175, Learning with a Magic Touch


Laura HughesLaura HughesGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $175, Diverse Library for a Diverse Group of Students


Kendall HuceKendall Hulce, Omega, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $100, Touch Point Math


Erica JohnsonErica JohnsonLambda, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $175, Classroom Ease with an Easel


Pamela KnechtPamela KnechtAlpha Rho, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $200, From Olympics to Democracy: It's All Greek to Me!


Erin LongErin LongAlpha, Peninsula Coordinating Council, $175, 3-D Printing for Rehabilitative Purposes


Crystal McArtanCrystal McArtanGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $175, Active Seating for Active Students with Active Minds


Glenda Clark MotleyGlenda Clark-MotleyBeta Chi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $200, Attend CTAUN as the United Nations Liaison for IOTA State


Suzanna MullinsSuzanna MullinsAlpha Psi, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council, $200,Creating virtual field trips for American History


Adrian NesterAdrian Nester, Epsilon, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $200, Attend Raising Student Voice NCTE Conference


Regina RevelsRegina RevelsGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $100, Classroom in the Courtyard


Lois RoyLois RoyAlpha Mu, Quander-Northern Virginia CC, $175, Attend Support for Professional Volunteers (VATESOL) Convention


SamanthaSamantha ScialdoPsi, Roanoke Kentron Coordinating Council, $175, Support for Drama Club


Debra ShapiroDebra ShapiroAlpha Theta, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $175, STEAMing Ahead 


Dawn SherwoodDawn SherwoodGamma Chi, Ellinor G. Preston CC, $200, Attend conference on Critical Thinking


Recipients of 2017 Scholarships

Francine Davis,Phi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,000, Founders Scholarship, Endorsement, Educational Leadership, Longwood University.

Susie MilamPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Emily Nelson Scholarship, Masters, Administration and Supervision, Averett University.

Lavada MuncyAlpha Upsilon, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council, $2,000, Katharine B. Woodward Scholarship, Ed.D., with concentration, C&*, Carson-Newman University.

Tracey NipperBeta Pi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Masters, Leadership: Teaching and Learning, Liberty University.

Kathryn PoolPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Masters, Educational Leadership, Lynchburg College.


Recipients of the 2017 IOTA State Stipends to Benefit Educators and Students

Sandra BarkleyAlpha Epsilon, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $300 for Project: "Drawing on a Memory" supplies and materials.

Regina CohenAlpha Rho, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $500 for Project: "Roman Influence on Modern Society" supplies and materials.

Annette FergusonPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $394 for Project: "Outside the Library Box" learning center materials.

Susan McAuliffe, Susan MontgomeryOmicron, Peninsula Coordinating Council, $500 for Project: "Recumbent Bicycles for Students with Disabilities."

Regina RevelsGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $495 for Project: "Pursuing National Board Certification."



International Recognitions/Awards/Scholarships/Publications - 2017- 2019


The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin and Collegial Exchange


Cathy P. Daugherty, 2017-2019 DKG International Presidental Nominee, 2017-2019 IOTA State Parliamentarian, member of Alpha Alpha, Article: "From 'Bom Dia' to 'Hasta Luego'!"(2017, Volume 84-2, The Delta Kappa Gamma Collegial Exchange.

Dr. Mary M. MehaffeyGamma Epsilon, Tidewater Coordinating Council, Article, "Differently Led by Millennials," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, p. 32.

Suzanne MullinsAlpha Psi, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council, Poem, " Legacy of an Educator," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, p. 41. 

Dr. Tess StockslagerIota, Roanoke-Kentron Coordinating Council, Article "Seeing Oneself and Others in Children's Literature," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, pp. 11-12.    


DKG Gallery of Fine Arts
Donna PultzOmicron, Peninsula Coordinating Council, Inkjet Printed Canvas Acrylic, Wild Rose, Spring 2019
Becky J. Riebeling, Alpha, Peninsula Coordinating Cuncil, Photography, Annie and Roxie, Spring 2019

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