Map of Virginia State Organization Coordinating Councils - 2019

Map of Virginia State Organization CC   2019


Virginia State Organization's 11 Coordinating Councils serve as the LINK between Virginia State and its 70 chapters. The Councils are committed to strengthening that link through COMMITMENT and COMMUNICATION.

Each Chapter sends representatives to the Council in its geographic area. These representatives work cooperatively to offer members of their Chapters greater opportunities for the implementation of the Purposes of the Society.

In 2004, the Virginia State Coordinating Council Committee adopted a pin that was designed to be worn by all who have served or will serve as Coordinating Council chairmen in the Virginia State organization since the inception of councils in 1973. The pin was unveiled and presented to the 2002-2004 class of Council chairmen at the 2004 Fall Executive Board meeting.

Important elements of the pin include the three interlocked links in the chain that symbolize the Coordinating Councils as the vital link between Virginia StateOrganization and its chapters. The letters CC in the center of the pin stand, not only for the Coordinating Council, but also for Commitment and Communication-- the major way in which the Council strengthens that link.

To order the pin for a council chairman - contact Irene Thornburg,Treasurer at

The 2665 members in Virginia State Organization belong to 70 chapters grouped geographically into 11 Coordinating Councils. You can learn more about some of the individual chapters by viewing their own websites. Click on those chapter links (indicated in blue) in the table below.
 Blue Ridge


 Ellinor Preston

Beta, Zeta, Tau, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Tau, Beta Eta, Beta Pi, Gamma Alpha , Gamma Gamma, Gamma Mu, Gamma Sigma, Gamma Chi, Gamma Psi, Delta Alpha, Delta Beta


Xi, Alpha Xi, Beta Psi

 Lonesome Pine

Alpha Upsilon, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi

 New River

Nu, Alpha Kappa, Alpha Lambda


Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Alpha Iota, Alpha Omega, Beta Omicron, Gamma Nu, Gamma Phi 


Epsilon, Phi, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Pi, Beta Phi, Beta Rho, Beta Chi, Gamma Beta

 Quander-Northern Virginia

 Upsilon, Alpha Mu, Alpha Nu, Beta Delta, Beta Lambda

 Roanoke- Kentron

Eta, Theta, Iota, Psi, Alpha Beta, Alpha Eta,Beta Tau


Chi, Alpha Zeta


Gamma, Lambda, Omega, Alpha Theta, Alpha Rho, Beta Beta, Beta Theta, Beta Iota, Beta Upsilon, Gamma Delta, Gamma Epsilon, Gamma Zeta, Gamma Pi, Gamma Upsilon

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