Society Business

Committees organized under Society Business work to fulfill Virginia IOTA State's purposes, mission, and vision by providing understanding about membership and benefits, offering opportunities for leadership development, developing a slate of officers, offering recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team, and continuing to move the organization forward into the future.

Communications and Publicity
Membership and Expansion
Coordinating Council Nominations
Finance Personnel
History and Archives
Leadership Development Strategic Action Plan


Society Mission and Purposes

Committees organized within the Mission and Purposes work towards educational excellence by providing scholarship/stipends, seminars, and training sessions. These committees provide educational opportunities to women internationally through the World Fellowship program. These committees keep the state organization and its members informed about legislative matters concerning key women educators. The Virginia Scholars program is included in this section.

Educational Excellence Scholarship
Legislative Virginia Scholars

Boards and Appointments

HAB Headquarters Administrative DKG Educational Foundation Liaison
IOTA State Educational Foundation United Nations Liaison
Music/Fine Arts Order of the Pineapple

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