Action Agenda Template Action Agenda Template

 doc file icon  NEW  2018-2020 Biennium Report - Chapter President

 doc file icon  NEW  2018-2020 Biennium Report - Coordinating Council Chair

pdf file icon 2019 Biennium Reports Booklet

pdf file icon  NEW  Catch the 2020 Vision

 doc file icon  NEW  Chapter Rules Check List

 doc file icon  NEW  Chapter Rules Template

 doc file icon  2019-2021 CAP Committee Action Plan - Interactive

Chapter Strategic Action Plan (SAP) template Chapter Strategic Action Plan (SAP) template

Create Free Websites for Your Chapters Create Free Websites for Your Chapters

Death of a Member Form Death of a Member Form

 Create Free Websites for Your Chapters  NEW  DKG Leader Award  Use criteria below.

 Create Free Websites for Your Chapters  NEW  DKG Strong Award  Use criteria below.

 pdf file icon  NEW  DKG Leader Award in PDF to hand write info into  Use criteria below

 pdf file icon  NEW  DKG Strong Award in PDF to hand write info into  Use criteria below

 pdf file icon  NEW  Strong and Leader Award Criteria

DKG Recommended Websites and Apps for Educators DKG Recommended Websites and Apps for Educators

Duties of the Nominations Committee Duties of the Nominations Committee

Duties of IOTA State Officers and Stafff Duties of IOTA State Officers and Staff

Five Points of Leadership  Five Points of Leadership 

Founding Women of Iota State Founding Women of Iota State 

pdf file icon Gold Key Application Form 2020 - PDF

doc file icon Gold Key Application Form 2020

Golden Gift - Current and Background Information Golden Gift - Current and Background Information 

IOTA State - The Privilege of Membership IOTA State - The Privilege of Membership

 doc file icon  NEW  ISEF 2020-2021 Award Application

 pdf file icon 2019 Leadership Development Repository

 pdf file icon 2019-2020 Virginia State Legislative Priorities

 pdf file icon Minutes - Spring 2019 Virginia State Organization Convention

 pdf file icon Minutes - Fall 2019 Executive Board Meeting

 pdf file icon Minutes - February 2020 Leadership Team Meeting

 doc file icon  NEW  2021-2023 Nominations Procedure

 doc file icon  NEW  2021-2023 Nominations Form

Get Connected -January February 2017  Neutrality Statement provided by DKG International (March 1, 2017)

Parliamentary Procedure and Resources Parliamentary Procedure and Resources 

Push for Pennies Push for Pennies

Proposed Amendment Form -2016Recommendation for Membership Form

Push for PenniesRecommendation for Membership Form

Script for Founding Women PowerPoint Script for Founding Women PowerPoint


Traditional Agenda Template Traditional Agenda Template












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