The Headquarters Administrative Board (HAB) shall be a part of the structural organization of the Virginia State Organization, and The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. It shall perform as a continuing committee whose final authority is the state executive board.The members of the Headquarters Administrative Board shall be the current state president, one member from each coordinating council and the chair of the Headquarters On-site Committee. The state executive secretary and state treasurer shall be ex officio members, without vote. The immediate past chair of the Headquarters Administrative Board shall be an ex officio member without vote for one year following her term as chair.

The coordinating council representative on the HAB shall be elected by their respective councils for a four-year term.The HAB officers shall be a chair, secretary, and treasurer. The chair shall be elected by the members of the HAB in even-numbered years and shall serve a term of two (2) years, taking office on July 1 following election. The state executive secretary shall serve as HAB secretary and the state treasurer shall maintain the financial records. The HAB shall submit a budget for the administration of Headquarters to the state finance committee for consideration and inclusion in the state budget; develop guidelines for the use and maintenance of Headquarters; and shall operate in accordance with the governing document adopted by the Virginia State Organization.


Our Headquarters went back on the market on March 1, 2020, with a list price of $274,950.  The house sold within days, and we closed on it on April 3, 2020, for full listing price.  Funds, after costs on the closing statement, will be placed into the budget categories that you approved at the 2019 Fall Executive Board Meeting.  Thank you to all HAB members and to all of you who served in onsite roles over the years, please know that the Board and the state officers and staff appreciate you deeply.  - Anne Baker
Headquarters with sold sign

2018-2020 Headquarters Administrative Board

Ann B.

Chair: Anne Baker (2018-2022)

Alpha Psi, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council

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2015-2017 Headquarters Administrative Board Action Plan 2015-2017 Headquarters Administrative Board Action Plan

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