The Strategic Planning Committee (appointed) shall be responsible for planning and monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan for IOTA State, including its approved actions, goals, mission and vision.

The committee shall recommend a state strategic plan to the executive committee for adoption by February of the even-numbered year. The committee will forward the approved plan to the executive board and post the plan on the state website.

The committee shall recommend to the state executive board any updates to the state's strategic plan. Officers and committees responsible for actions on the approved plan shall report progress to the strategic planning committee.

The committee shall consist of the immediate past president, who will serve as chair, and up to four (4) additional members appointed by the state organization president. The state president shall serve as ex officio, with vote, and the state executive secretary shall serve as ex officio, without vote.

2017-2021 Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Linda M. Hall (2017-2019)
Alpha Rho, Tidewater Coordinating Council
Email Address:
 Sherry E
Member: Sherry Edbauer (2017-2021)
Beta Omicron, Peninsula Coordinating Council
Email Address:


Member: Georgia Davis (2015-2019)
Alpha Pi, Piedmont Coordinating Council
Email Address:


Member:  Martha Brizendine (2017-2021)
Phi, Piedmont CC
Email Address:


Chapter SAP template Chapter SAP template

pdf file icon  NEW  2017-2019 Strategic Action Plan Committee Biennium Report 

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