The Communications and Publicity Committee (appointed) shall be responsible for the development of resources to promote state organizational publicity, public relations, the use of Society publications and the media and to make suggestions for chapter newsletters.

The committee shall stress that chapter, state and international newsletters or any publications print only materials (written content, images, cartoon, and artwork) for which they have the permission of the author/artist.

The official publication of IOTA State is The Bridge.

The editor and webmaster shall serve as ex officio members, without vote, of this committee.

This committee provides the IOTA Inspirations as resource documents to chapters and participates in the digital newsletter, Digi-Bridge.

2017-2019 Communications and Publicity Committee

Chair: Martha A. Clark
Alpha Tau, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council
Email Address:

Member: Becky Riebeling

Alpha, Peninsula Coordinating Council
Email Address:
Member: Lisa M. Gehring
Omega, Tidewater Coordinating Council
Email Address:

Member: Sharon Layman

Alpha Lambda, New River Coordinating Council

Email Address: 


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